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            Automatic production lines - Automatic Pulp-Molded Tableware Free Trimming Machine with Automatic Stacker (LD-12-1350) (Oil Heati

            Detailed introduction:

            1. Quotation Validation: 3 months
            1. 報價有效期: 3個月
            2. Payment Terms: 30% Deposit by T/T, 70% irrevocable L/C at sight or T/T before shipping
            2. 付款條款:30%訂金(電匯), 70%即期不可撤銷信用證或發貨前電匯。
            3. Trade Term: FOB XIAMEN
            3. 貿易條款: FOB XIAMEN
            4. Lead Time: Machine: within 210 days after deposit.
            5, Price includes machine commissioning fee in buyer’s factory
            6. Service: 
            (1) Scope of Engineering & Design Services:
            (1) 工程與設計方面的服務:

            (2)Construction & installation Services:

            (3)Site Service & Facility:

            2. 自動機接觸漿的設備、管道、閥門等均用304不銹鋼材料。
            2. The material for the machine, pipe and valve which touch with pulp(wetted part) is all Stainless steel 304 
            3. 自動機運轉程序,從濕坯成型、濕坯轉移、熱壓定型、定型產品轉移、整個生產周期及產品克重,均可由PLC數控可編程控制系統控制各工序動作,可由觸摸屏調整各工序操作參數。
            3.  Automation operating procedures: Forming process, forming products transfer, hot press, hot pressed products transfer and whole production cycle and product weight is controlled by PLC NC programmable control system. 
            4. 熱壓模具配置上下冷卻裝置,能保證模具膨脹系數在設計控制范圍內。
            4.  Install cooling system on the top and bottom hot press mould to ensure the mold expansion coefficient is in the design control range

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