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            Join conditions
            1, agree with the Far East brand management philosophy and brand culture, there is a strong interest and confidence in the Far East;
            Own or lease of the store;
            Willing to accept the management of the Far East, approved the rules and regulations of the Far East, and willing to participate in the training organization in the Far East;
            4, with a certain amount of venture capital, operators are required considerable financial strength for pre-shop rental, decoration, first purchase and post the necessary liquidity;
            5, with good interpersonal communication skills and sense of cooperation;
            6, with the necessary hardware such as fax, telephone equipment;
            7, has a good reputation and pragmatic serious and strong entrepreneurial attitude.

            Join Advantage
            1, brand
            "Far East" brand positioning is accurate and clear-cut design different grades of products for different level. Distinctive brand image, the advantages of philosophy, will inevitably bring a share of the profits.
            "Far East" there are plans to implement and carry out a wide range of public service activities, do a good job in public and community relations, and as an expression of the noble spirit of contributing to society, consumer feedback, so that our image more deeply.
            2, the product advantages
            "Far East" perfect product line, is mainly engaged in environmental protection machinery, products, technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, production, marketing and other train pulp tableware equipment supporting the production of high-tech enterprises. The company now covers an area of 70 acres, 21,000 square meters of standard factory buildings. A variety of computer numerical control machining equipment and testing equipment more than 90 sets, complete hydropower. The company has an experienced team of business executives and engineering and technical personnel of 148 people (college senior professional titles and 32). To promote the further development of the company to meet market demand, the company has a professional R & D institutions, with millions of dollars worth of equipment, with 1,000 square meters of research laboratories, with a strong R & D capabilities. Complete price high, medium and low, which can meet different levels of consumer demand, as long as the customer has a need, "Far East" can meet all!
            3, management advantages
            Unified model, to maintain brand image: a unified brand; a unified business philosophy; unified business strategy; unified visual identity; unified logistics and distribution; the unified credit products; unified market price, unified service standards and management practices; unified Employment Standards and business training.
            Systematic training and guidance, protection of good business: consumer psychology from the store design rules, the layout of the shop, the display of goods, the management of the shop to the customer, sales techniques and other aspects. Allows you to easily master the business skills!
            Strict supervision and management, to protect the standard of service: stores opened, Steering stores in the region in terms of price, product quality, service standards, environmental health assessed from time to time, so that the franchise really fully vested feeling.
            4, distribution and after-sales service
            Franchisees enjoy the company of special offer Lee
            Headquarters and distribution of goods problems, branch should immediately contact the head office and distribution personnel communication confirm the object refund, replacement work due to the fault of the branches of the reasons to cause deterioration of the goods, sluggishness, the branch should bear the full economic responsibility.
            Of the returned goods stores should assume the value of 1% of the total, in order to compensate for the head office and distribution, packaging costs.
            5, low-risk advantages
            Investment threshold is low, easy to operate, compared with the individual store alone greatly reduces the risk of the early days.
            Steady stream of supply capacity, vitality and charm of your business forever.
            Uniform distribution, so that you get timely access to reliable quality, stable supply of goods.
            A variety of incentive rebate policy, the margin return policy, so you run no worries.
            Strict district protection and comprehensive return policy to ensure that the profit margin of the franchisee.

            Joined the privilege
            Monopoly concession: to enjoy the monopoly franchise rights for all products in the Far East.
            Image use rights: the right to enjoy the Far East store image design and the VI system.
            Results rebate Award: complete the required sales (purchase amount), franchisees receive rebate incentives.
            Replacement rights: In order to ensure the rights and interests of franchisees, the first batch of goods within one month can be held proof of purchase and packaging intact goods for replacement procedures.
            Security Right of Withdrawal: no longer operates stores in the contract for special reasons, may apply for transfer, acquisition, Security Exit joining.
            Priority right of renewal: the expiration of the contract, the headquarters join the policy and contract unconditionally renew.


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