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            I was founded in 80 years, the original production of textile machinery, is spinning in supporting the Ministry of Textile Machinery Factory, after the landslide of the textile industry in 87 years, I began to select a new project steering investment, research and development of environmentally friendly equipment.

            1992 by the market research for the importance of environmental protection at home and abroad, to invest 15 million yuan, the introduction of a fully automatic pulp tableware production line equipment from Taiwan. Sent by Taiwan engineers installation and commissioning, commissioning production should reach at least 40% rejection rate due process issues. After two years of adjustment, improved, due to Taiwan's machinery and equipment Machinery and Production disconnect "is a design problem inherently inadequate, can not be improved. So, in 1994, by the company to negotiate with Taiwan businessmen, Taiwan admit this equipment only to the production of industrial packaging materials, the technology gap is too big, can not be produced tableware. Decided to be scrapped, but I pay a heavy price.

            1995, summed up the lessons of failure of Taiwan's equipment, in cooperation with the State Paper Research Institute of Beijing, Shanghai Paper Research Institute of Guangxi University, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, Shanghai Tongji University research units, continue to invest 25 million yuan, ZS-96-1-type pulp tableware production line equipment to research and development in 1997. Demonstration on March 28, 2097 by the China Packaging Machinery Corporation,, National Packaging Improvement Office, the Ministry of Railways, and other relevant experts, acceptance, and given production technology producer, with a total project development invested RMB 48 million.

            Given by the Ministry of Railways in June 1997 to promote the "white pollution", the Ministry of Railways governance pulp production environmentally friendly lunch boxes supporting enterprises and factories. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Railways governance "white pollution" office at the same time, fixed-point set up in Quanzhou, a pulp environmental protection tableware production base, the company has invested 500 million yuan, set up under the "Quanzhou Far East Xinmei Paper Products Co., Ltd." production of tableware for the Ministry of Railways the supply of environmentally friendly tableware supporting Since then I walk two industries:

            ① pulp environmental protection tableware equipment manufacturing;

            (2) manufacturing of pulp environmental protection tableware;

            I also realized that to create the perfect new technology equipment, there must be enough product manufacturing process and production experience, can not be complacent with the laboratory tests, it is necessary technology to produce, the market has become the product, commodity circulation society to well, to the development of a new industry. I continue to study in the subordinate Quanzhou Far East Xinmei Paper Products Co., Ltd. "practical experience of production tableware, groping a complete set of new technologies. New topic: Pulp environmental protection tableware only reduce costs, have a wider market.

            Reduce the cost of the three key technologies:

            1. Reduce energy consumption: improvements to oil heating, electric heating and then evolved to steam heating.

            2. Reduce pulp consumption of raw materials, and improved by the drainage water for recycled water, reduce the loss of pulp fibers.

            3. Reduce the consumption of chemical additives waterproof, anti-oil, by low concentrations of pulp to a high concentration of pulp.

            Reduce the cost (600ml lunch box, for example) improved by 30%, rapid promotion of the formation of the market, and to promote the pulp environmental protection tableware to replace foam plastic dinnerware governance "white pollution" determination and laid a reliable foundation.

            January 22, 1999, the State Economic and Trade Commission orders issued, banning the production of use by the end of 2000, the elimination of disposable foam plastic dinnerware. Accordingly in the September 14, chaired by the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Railways (reference I originally drafting disposable biodegradable tableware industry standard) validation "disposable biodegradable tableware General technical standards" to develop a national standard, and a December 28, 1999, promulgated by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and regulate the industry.

            Convenient food disposable foam plastic packaging alternative work conference held by the State Economic and Trade Commission and other nine ministries on October 15, 1999, and set up a leading group responsible for the work of implementation.

            To tie in with the implementation of the Decree of the State Economic and Trade Commission, in 2000, eliminated convenient food disposable foam plastic packaging containers, I continue to invest more than 10 million development convenience food packaging container (bowl). Special technical requirements for convenience food packaging containers, pulp convenience food packaging container (bowl), must meet industry standard requirements of the Ministry of Light Industry, the bursting strength of the fiber density up to 1200 kPa, to reduce paper bowl permeability, improve convenience foods shelf life of up to six months or more. My company now developed test paper bowl by the Ministry of Light Industry, the bursting strength of the fiber density up to 1300 kPa, convenience foods shelf life of up to 6 months or more. My company affiliated enterprises "the Quanzhou the Far East XINMEI paper products Co., Ltd." a convenient volume powder recommended by the Ministry of Light Industry "unified" food enterprise instant noodles; Ting Hsin Group "Master Kong" instant noodles; Nissin instant noodles; Guizhou "superstar" Group; Shenyang "Burundi" porridge large convenience food factory matching supply.

            The company after numerous awards and honorary certificates:

            American International New Product Exposition in 1998, won the International Gold Award;
            1998 won the National Packaging advanced enterprise;
            1998 won the China Patent Technology Exposition Gold;
            1999 won the provincial best-selling merchandise title;
            1999 was awarded the honorary title of the province 99 years the largest township enterprises;
            Won the 1999 Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China;
            1999 won the Chinese consumer market recognized as the best-selling brand;
            2000 Sydney Olympic Games, won the 92nd Session of the specified only environmentally friendly tableware suppliers;
            2000 won the national key new product certificate issued by five ministries;
            Won the 2000 Hong Kong International Expo Gold Medal of the new technology;
            Won the 2000 national sentinel production enterprises rapid degradation of dining utensils and food packaging equipment manufacturing;
            2000 passed the ISO9002 quality management system certification;
            The two hundred Yinian won the Paris 92nd Session Repin International Invention Exhibition Gold Medal;
            Two hundred one year won the Korea Seoul International Invention Exhibition Gold;
            Two hundred one year won the provincial key new product certificate;
            Two hundred one year won a key state-level Torch Program projects;
            Seoul, South Korea won the International Invention Exhibition Gold in 2002;
            2002 won the national key new product certificate;
            2002 won the township enterprises in the title of brand-name key enterprises;
            2003 through the ISO14000 quality management system certification;
            2003 won the national quality inspection qualified products;

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