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            Product innovation and product portfolio: constantly develop new products based on customer needs, to further strengthen the company's new product development capabilities; the same time, consolidate and steady expansion of the company's products on the basis of one-time home and abroad to spread the environmental food packaging and catering equipment market share, and constantly develop new products, expand the application areas of the company's products, gradually gradually penetrate to the field of industrial packaging, hospital hygiene products and children's disposable toys, etc., to expand the company's product portfolio, further improve the company's competitiveness.

            Expand the international market, and strengthen the development of the domestic market: increase efforts with existing international customers: SOLO, D & W Kim Parker and other complexes, and cooperation with the U.S. "seventh generation" (professional management of green products) to play according to its own brand into the international distribution network. Further strengthened and unified, Master Kong and other large convenience food manufacturing suppliers and Wal-Mart, Jusco, Carrefour, RT-Mart, easy early Lotus and other large supermarkets as well as railway and aviation systems of the business relationship; strengthen and Swiss Magpie (into 1500 outlets) and other large daily necessities wholesale supplier strategic partnership; regional distributor or agent system, established in the country to large food manufacturers, the company of fast food and meals, clean vegetable distribution units, hospitals, schools, and other market segments rapid penetration and expanding the market share of the company's products.

            Industry consolidation strategy: The company has a leading production technology, high product quality and relatively low cost of production, brand influence, has a relative competitive advantage in the industry. To do this, the implementation of the strategy of consolidation in the industry, is the best way for the company low-cost expansion and the rapid expansion of the market share. At the same time, companies can take full advantage of the technological advantages, competitive cost advantage formed products, has mature channels through the acquisition of foreign institutions to further expand market share abroad.

            Rapidly expanding production capacity: The company is currently in full production status, existing capacity can not meet the rapidly growing customer demand (including new customers and old customers to order quantity increasing rapidly). At the same time, the size of the domestic industries and enterprises are small, and rapid expansion of the company's production capacity, can quickly improve the company's market share, enhance competitiveness, and can also reduce the dependence on other vendors directly improve the company's net profit margin.

            Low-cost strategies: continuous innovation, production technology, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs; wet slurry pulp mill directly or through strategic cooperation with the pulp mill, or the acquisition of a pulp mill, not only can reduce the cost of raw materials, can also reduce bubble pulp production processes and reduce production costs. Taken mainly low-cost competitive strategy, product differentiation, supplemented concentrate on doing technology development, market development, market penetration and product development in the three areas of work, and the rapid expansion of the market share of the company's products.

            Strengthen the customer relationship management: further strengthen the Company's customer relationship management, consolidate existing customer business relationships to meet the different needs of customers, and continue to explore new customer business resources. At the appropriate time (IPO before) the introduction of the offshore industry strategic investor (Solo Cup), the rapid expansion of the market share of the company to use its existing channels.

            Technology innovation strategy: to continue to strengthen cooperation with the Institute of Guangxi University paper, to further strengthen the research and development of low-carbon green food packaging production technology to significantly reduce production costs and improve the competition of low-carbon environmental protection food packaging disposable food packaging products market force.


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